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Cycling Route #1: Escarpment Rail Trail
by: Brad Tyleman


This route runs from downtown Hamilton to Albion Falls, which is located at the southern edge of Red Hill Valley on the east side of Hamilton.  This route follows an historic railroad up the face of the escarpment and is part of the Trans Canada Trail.


9.5 km


Moderate - a slow steady climb up the face of the escarpment.


Hard surface, primarily a multi-use trail with a short section on quiet city streets.


The Route:

0.0 km to 0.7 km

Start at Ferguson Station (corner of Ferguson Ave. & King St.) in downtown Hamilton
(notice the mural on the wall of the building on Ferguson Ave. in memory of a rail derailment during the steam era. (Grid C-9 on Bikeways map).  Continue toward the “mountain” (southerly) along the shared-use path. As you cross over Main Street the path becomes Ferguson St. Continue along Ferguson St. and go through the tunnel under the railroad tracks. On the south side of this tunnel you are at the edge of Corktown Park, where you can pick up the paved path (note the Corktown Pub if you want to take a break!).


0.7 km to 1.8 km

Follow the path easterly skirting the park and railroad tracks until you come to Wentworth St., cross cautiously as there is a blind curve with motor traffic approaching from the right.


1.8 km to 7.5 km

After crossing the street, the next 7 km you will be climbing the escarpment on the abandoned rail bed that you have been following for the last kilometer. Along the way you will have the opportunity to see the vistas of eastern Hamilton - the steel mills, Lake Ontario, and the first glimpses of the Niagara Fruit Belt. There are several rest stops along the trail with railings made from the old ties of the former Canadian Pacific Rail line.


7.5 km to 8.5 km

Near the top of the escarpment the trail turns south through a cut in the shale & limestone.  The trail passes through the center of the Mohawk Sports Park to Limeridge Road.


8.5 km to 9.5 km

Cross Limeridge Road and follow the continuation of the trail to the parking lot at Albion Falls.  Take a few minutes to descend the stairs across the road to view the falls from within the gorge (Grid F-12 on Bikeways map).  You can return to downtown by re-tracing your path


Along the Way:

Gage Park
Escarpment Vista
Buttermilk Falls
Albion Falls
Red Hill Valley

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