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Cycling Route #2:  Dofasco Trail Loop
by Tarquin Adams

Notes: This route runs from the Devil’s Punch Bowl on the “mountain” in the community of Stoney Creek to the border of Niagara Region. The route is largely rural and much of it forested. The punch bowl is a natural formation carved out of the face of the Niagara Escarpment; and in 1966, a cross was erected on the site to tower over the city below. At night the cross is illuminated and the view can be most impressive with the glimmer of the city.


22 km


Easy - flat, with a few gently rolling hills


Stone/gravel, a combination of multi-use trail and on-road.


The Route:

0.0 km to 0.5 km

Start at the Devil’s Punch Bowl Conservation Area. There is a parking lot if you are driving to this starting location. (Grid E-15 on Bikeways map) Take a few minutes to walk over to the observation platform which offers a spectacular view of the Devil’s Punch Bowl, the western end of Lake Ontario, and the lower city which includes the historic core of Stoney Creek (now a part of the unified City of Hamilton). From the parking lot you will head south, across Ridge Rd. to the Trail Head. The trail meanders through tender fruit orchards and vineyards before reaching First Road East.


0.5 km to 3.0 km

After crossing First Road East the trail continues on an unopened road allowance. (Powerline Rd.).


3.0 km to 4.0 km

The off road trail ends and you will continue on Powerline Road Rd. until reaching Fifth Road East.


4.0 km to 5.0 km

Turning right (south) at 5th Road East you will travel to Green Mountain Rd.


5.0 km to 7.5 km

Turn left (east) on Green Mountain Rd. and ride to Eighth Road East. Along this portion of road you will see rural farmland.


7.5 km to 8.5 km

Turn left (north) at 8th Road East returning to the trail on Powerline Rd. The trail along Eighth Road East is on the east side of the road.


8.5 km to 11.0 km

Turning right onto the trail at Powerline Rd. you will continue past farmers’ fields and several drainage ditches for nearby quarries.


11.0 km to 11.8 km

East of Tenth Road East on your right side will be 87 Acres Park. The park’s large quarry pond is habitat for several species of migratory waterfowl and a popular area for viewing hawks such as the Red-tail Hawk. Continue past 87 Acres Park through a wooded lot until you reach Eleventh Road East.


11.8 km to 12.9 km

At this point the trail portion ends and the remainder of your ride will be on road. Turn left (north) at Eleventh Road East and ride to Ridge Road.


12.9 km to 19.2 km

Turn left (west) at Ridge Road. The route has gently rolling hills for the first section. Continuing on you will enjoy beautiful vistas from atop the Niagara Escarpment.


19.2 km to 22.0 km

Just west of Dewitt Road (a very steep street which climbs the escarpment) is the Erland Lee Home/Museum. The house was built in 1808. Erland Lee and his wife Janet were instrumental in founding the Women’s Institute in 1897. The Women’s Institute was instrumental in establishing the standard practice of pasteurizing milk to prevent salmonella poisoning. Continuing along Ridge Rd. you will return to the Devil’s Punch Bowl Conservation Area where your journey began.


Along the Way:

Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area & Falls
Devil’s Punchbowl Gorge & Lower Punchbowl Falls (short hike down escarpment)
Vinemount Swamp Forest
Erland Lee House/Museum
Escarpment Vista

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