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Cycling Route #5:  Chedoke Rail Trail
by: Daryl Bender


Notes: This route connects the lower City near the downtown to the community of Ancaster and the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.  There are a number of waterfalls along the route.


10.7 km


Moderate, one climbing of the escarpment


Combination of hard surface & stone dust, combination of on-road and multiuse trail


The Route:

0.0 km to 3.3 km

Start at the south end of Mountain Ave. or the south end of Dundurn St. (Grid D-8 on Bikeways map) If you are accessing the route by driving, parking may be available at the Chedoke Golf Course a little west of these starting locations. This route begins with a gradual climb up the escarpment. The route follows a historic rail corridor.

3.3 km to 3.8 km

At the top of the escarpment you can look down over the lower city. The McMaster University campus is very readily identified – nestled against Cootes Paradise. As well you can see the community of Dundas which was settled before Hamilton, but as the community industrialized, business moved to the current Hamilton Harbour to benefit from better water access. Continuing along this section there is a splendid waterfall to your right that runs along a ledge before it cascades down the face of the escarpment. This time you get to see the waterfall from above!

3.8 km to 5.6 km

Continue following the multi-use trail through Iroquoia Heights Conservation Area.  This section ends at the trail bridge that spans Highway 403.  This section of the route is also part of the Bruce Trail - a hiking trail that runs from Niagara Falls north to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula in Lake Huron.  You must dismount your bicycle to continue down the stairs on the west side of the bridge.

5.6 km to 6.1 km

Follow Filman (Mtn.) Rd. - a quiet street - up a gradual incline as you enter the urban area of Ancaster - one of Canada’s wealthiest communities.

6.1 km to 6.6 km

Take care crossing Mohawk Rd./Rousseaux St. Cross onto Oneida Blvd. and almost immediately, turn right onto Hiawatha Blvd.

6.6 km to 8.1 km

The route converts back to a multi-use trail, again following the route of the same abandoned rail line that you followed as you ascended the escarpment. The multi-use trail ends at Halson St., where you turn right toward Wilson St. Turn right again onto Wilson St. This street takes you into the heart of the historic core of Ancaster, which includes shops, cafés, historic buildings and Fieldcote Museum, which highlights Ancaster’s history.

8.1 km to 8.4 km

Turn left at Sulphur Springs Rd. This street takes you towards the lush wooded areas of the Dundas Valley - but not before you get some glimpses of “affluent" suburban neighbourhoods. 

8.4 km to 9.4 km

Continue on Sulphur Springs Rd. as it turns right at Lover’s Lane. This street evolves into a winding rural road with minimal width so watch for vehicles. Some sections of this road are steep.

9.4 km to 10.7 km

Turn right as you approach the intersection of Mineral Springs Rd. and continue to follow Sulphur Springs Rd. Along this section you may want to take a closer look at Griffin House and the Hermitage - the ruins of a limestone 2 storey building. At the end of this section you will see an access point to the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail which is part of the Trans Canada Trail system (Grid F-2 on Bikeways map). At this point you can choose to follow two different routes to head back towards downtown Hamilton, the Tews Falls Route or the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail. You will have to reverse the directions to go toward downtown Hamilton.

Along the Way:

Lower Chedoke Falls
Lower Westcliffe Falls
Mountview Falls
Escarpment Vista
Princess Falls
Scenic Falls
Iroquoia Heights CA
Historic Ancaster Village
Hermitage Ruins & Gatehouse Museum
Hermitage Falls
Heritage Falls (short hike)
Griffin House

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