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Waterfall of the Week - Washboard Falls

  Creek:  Tiffany Creek Tributary Creek

  Classical / Cascade / Washboard

  Height:  16.4 feet / 5 metres

  Width:  19.68 feet / 6 metres

Access Information (from Parking Lot):
(i) Time - 0 minutes
(ii) Distance - 0 feet / 0 meters
(iii) Accessibility - "M-I"
(Easy, Moderate, Difficult)

Ownership:  Hamilton Conservation Authority
Property:  Tiffany Falls CA
Flow of Water:  Year Round
Facilities:  None
Other Attractions Nearby:  Bruce Trail, bus stop, convenience store, restaurant, motel, retail stores, Town of Ancaster, Dundas Valley CA, Hermitage Ruins, Griffin House, Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum, RBG, Dundurn Castle, Hamilton Faremers' Market, Crooks Hollow CA, Christie Lake CA, Tiffany Falls CA, Iroquoia Heights CA

Directions from Hwy 403:  Inaccessible without permission from owner.

Map of Washboard Falls :   Washboard Falls using Hamilton Maps

ESA (Environmentally Sensitive Area):   Tiffany Falls

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