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Waterfall of the Week - Dundas Falls

  Creek:  Spencer Creek Creek

  Classical / Waterfall / Terraced

  Height:  20.992 feet / 6.4 metres

  Width:  21.976 feet / 6.7 metres

  Coordinates:  43.273 N / 79.9722 W

Access Information (from Parking Lot):
(i) Time - 1 minutes
(ii) Distance - 32.8 feet / 10 meters
(iii) Accessibility - "M"
(Easy, Moderate, Difficult)

Ownership:  CN
Property:  CN ROW
Flow of Water:  Year Round
Facilities:  None
Other Attractions Nearby:  Bruce Trail, convenience store, restaurant, motel, Rock Chapel Sanctuary, Borer's Falls CA, Town of Dundas, Dundas Valley CA, Hermitage Ruins, RBG, Dundurn Castle, Hamilton Farmers' Market, Crooks Hollow CA, Christie Lake CA

Directions from Hwy 403:  From Hwy 403 take the Hwy 6 N (Guelph) exit and travel approximately 3 km to Hwy 5 E. (Dundas St. E.). Turn left on Hwy 5 E. and then turn left onto Brock Rd. Brock Rd. will turn into King St. as you go down the Escarpment. The waterfall is under the railway embankment adjacent to the public school.

Map of Dundas Falls :   Dundas Falls using Hamilton Maps

ESA (Environmentally Sensitive Area):   Spencer Gorge

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