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Trail Etiquette


When exploring your local waterfalls, you will be accessing most of them by the trails owned and maintained by the Hamilton Conservation Authority, City of Hamilton and the Bruce Trail. Please keep in mind some trail etiquette as you explore the natural beauty of the Hamilton area.

  • Share the trails with other users. Allow room for passing on your left when walking in a group.

  • Respect neighbouring landowners by staying off private property and avoiding excessive noise. Some waterfalls are located on private property and can only be viewed from the trail or the road.

  • Please take out and packaging or other refuse that you bring in.

  • Creek crossings on trails are by bridge. Please don't walk or ride through the water.

  • Park in designated parking areas.

  • Please keep dogs on leashes and clean up after your pets.

  • Watch for vehicular traffic on trails that cross major roadways.

  • No motorized vehicles are permitted on trails.

  • Please stay on marked trail routes. There are many rare and sensitive plants and small animals that could be easily damaged or hurt if you leave the trails.

  • Avoid disturbing local wildlife.

  • Please note that the Bruce Trail is for hikers only.

  • Hamilton Conservation Authority trails close at dark.

  • Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.

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