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Felker's Falls / East Mountain Waterfalls Walk

East Hamilton Mountain

Access Point:
Felker’s Falls Conservation Area, Ackland Street
4 km
Ease of Access:
Trail Surface:
Hard packed earth, asphalt
Parking Fee:
City Bus Route:
43 – Stone Church
Road Directions:
From Hwy 403 take the Lincoln Alexander Parkway exiting east to Hamilton. Take the Mud Street exit. Turn left at the first light onto Paramount Drive. Turn right on Ackland Street and you will find the Conservation Area parking lot on the right hand side. This is a residential neighbourhood.
Map of the Walk:

Other Trail Information & Directions:

First hike the Peter Street Trail to enjoy the views of the Felker’s Falls ravine from above and below, a hidden treasure on the escarpment. From the parking lot, head west on the footpath and follow the Bruce Trail white flashes along the escarpment’s edge. This will lead you to Glendale Falls and the Red Hill Valley Parkway. You can return to Felker’s Falls, or, if more adventurous, continue on the Bruce Trail to Mud Street, Albion and Buttermilk Falls.

Felker’s Falls is a 22 metre high ribbon waterfall. The Felker’s Falls Escarpment Valley is a small bedrock gorge cut into the face of the 725 km long Niagara Escarpment.

The Felker family owned and farmed the property on which the waterfall is located for more than 140 years.

Along the Way:

Felker’s Falls
Glendale Falls
Bruce Trail
Paramount Park
Red Hill Valley Trail
Felker’s Falls Conservation Area

Tip:Stay on the trails. A waterfall gorge is especially sensitive. There are nationally, provincially and locally rare species of plants and animals near many waterfalls. Some of the most significant are the Red Mulberry, Acadian Flycatcher, Jefferson Salamander and the Louisiana Waterthrush.

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