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Hannon Cascade

  Creek:  Hannon Creek Tributary Creek

  Curtain / Cascade / Terraced

  Height:  10 feet / 3 metres

  Width:  18 feet / 6 metres

Access Information:
(i) Time - 0 minutes
(ii) Distance - 0 feet / 0 meters
(iii) Accessibility - "D-I"
(Easy, Moderate, Difficult)

Ownership:  Hamilton Conservation Authority
Property:  Mount Albion CA
Flow of Water:  Year Round
Facilities:  None
Other Attractions Nearby:  Convenience Store, Felker's Falls CA, King's Forest Golf Course, Mohawk Sports Park, Glendale Golf Course, Escarpment Rail Trail, Battlefield House Museum

Directions from Hwy 403:  Inaccessible

ESA (Environmentally Sensitive Area):   Red Hill Creek Escarpment Valley

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